All you can grow

We offer a wide and wild variety of refills, ranging from the most popular plants to the rarest ones. Many of them are hard or impossible to get in your regular supermarket.

We have a very high level of requirement to be as loyal as one could be to Nature. Check out our approach to understand better why the food you grow into Fresh Square is the one you want in your plate.


Fresh Herbs, Salads, Leafy Greens, mini-veggies… Our catalogue will continuously expand to give you access to an ever-increasing list of veggies & herbs.

To learn about all the current selection, visit our seed Shop!

A food you trust

All our seeds are non-GMO and of course organic.

We carefully selected our providers based on the seeds quality and their ethical approach.

So Good

Discover a world of new taste

  • Use fresh herbs daily to cook, drinks or even snack !
  • Offer quality home grown produces to your guests.
  • Try incr-edible plants that you never tried out before and give an adventurous twist to your recipes. Cooking has never been so fun!
  • Explore our blog to get tips on how to use plants for a healthy life and how to change your cooking habits.