Product Description

One Fresh Square includes:

  • 12 plants slots and a set of 12 organic refills (organic soil + organic seeds)
  • water reservoir with a capacity of 3 weeks
  • autonomous irrigation system
  • sliding and automatic plant light
  • Fresh Square smartphone application

As your first set of organic refills, the Fresh Square team offers: 2 Basils, 2 Mints, 2 Thymes, 2 Baby Lettuces and 1 Cherry Tomato, 1 Parsley, 1 Thai Basil and 1 Chive.


This is a preorder; industrialization of the product will be launch after receiving a sufficient number of preorders. So share the page with your friends and family to get it delivered faster!

Expected time of delivery. +/- 1 year.
In the meantime your payment will be safely stored.

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